Peter- “Rolling Stone?”

Peter – One Apostle’s Story

Maybe Peter was the original “rolling stone”.     O.K…… that’s a pun and a bad one at that.  Peter, was, in fact a man who rolled with the punches.  He was anything but a straight-liner.  His name means rock but he is anything but stable at times.  The thing that most of us admire about this guy is that he knows how to rebound….bounce back…fall forward.  There’s a lot about this man we can laugh about, cry about, celebrate.  He’s a lot like most of us.  At the same time, he is full of possibilities and “crash and burn” impulsiveness.

In the next few weeks on Wednesday nights, the men of Oakhaven are invited to come explore, experience and examine the man we call Peter.  In week one we will take an overview of the fisherman and his life before and after the Man from Galilee walked into his life.

For now, here is a very brief sketch of who he is.

His name:  in Hebrew “Simeon” – Acts 15: 14;  2 Peter 1:1 It is supposed that he adopted the  form “Simon” later which is a Greek form of the same name.   He also is given a new name…the Aramaic “Cephas” meaning rock or stone.  The Greek form is most often “Petros”  See John 1: 40-42

His brother is Andrew.  This is a Greek name.

His father’s name is Jonah.  Also referred to as John (John 1: 42)  Matthew 16:17

He is from Bethsaida.  John 1:44 but also had a home in Capernaum in Galilee Mark 1:21, 29

He was married.  Mark 1:30 and in post ascension missionary days, she accompanied him in his travels.  1 Cor. 9:5

Peter was one of the first of the disciples Jesus called.  His name is always listed first among fellow apostles.  He was one of the disciples who became a part of Jesus’ inner circle.  Mark 5:37, 9:2,  & 14:33.

His conduct often reflects a tendency to be impulsive.  Matt. 14:28, Mark 14:29, Luke 5:8 & John 21:7.

He acts as a spokesperson for the disciples.  Matt. 15:15, Matt. 18:21, Mark 1:36,   8:29,  9:5, 10:28, 11:21, 14:29,  Luke 5:5 & 12:41.

That’s it for now.  Take your study Bible or reference works or do a google search on the internet.  Find out more.  I look forward to exploring, experiencing and examining the man we know as “Peter”.


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